Monday, November 05, 2012

A Hopping Weekend

Old people don't hop.   So, maybe we didn't hop.  I suppose a fairly active weekend would best describe it.  Yep, that is what it was, a fairly active weekend.  That doesn't sound neary as exciting does it?

Saturday morning we went to the Great Frame Up near Roswell and left a picture to be framed.

On the way back home we detoured by Woodstock and took advantage of the Woodstock Chili Cookoff going on.  We each bought a green wristband which gave us unlimited chili tasting benefits.   We visited each booth and sampled a small cup of their chili.  There were 21 booths that had chili samples and I got my money's worth.  Anna dropped out after a few and told me to go on without her. 

Above was our first stop, to visit with our friends Joe and Christine Jenkins.  Joe said look for the American flag and the Big Chicken.  They were very busy making excellent chili.

Later that day we went back to Woodstock to a new park on tne banks Little River that I discovedred while surfing (on the Internet {Google Earth}, not on the river).

 Then we went to the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree at the Woodstock Community Church.  We knew to arrive early and buy a barbecue sandwich, all for a good cause- I know the sandwich was for a worthy cause - for me to eat a good pulled pork barbecue sandwich, that was my worthy cause.

I taped bits and pieces of the bluegrass show, which will soon follow on another blog.

Sunday evening we went to Austell.  First we went to Sweetwater Inn BBQ Restaurant.  We took five or six steps inside the establishment and the nicotine in the air gagged us.  We had to leave, so we never got to taste their pitt-cooked bbq.

Then we went to a tattoo shop which was having an art show of Kennesaw  University students.  Adam's girlfriend had about 8 great modern unique photography on display on the wall.  She is an art major and is very good in all types of art.  I am humbled by my measley photos after seeing her stuff.

And that wrapped up the weekend!


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