Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yesterday's Adventures

First thing yesterday the bedroom ceiling light was flickering off and on.  I got on the stepstool, unscrewed the tiny screws that held the globe on and screwed the bulb tighter and  it seemed to quit flickering.  However when I replaced the little screws that holds the globe I had two more screws than I had screw-holes for.  How did that happen?

I got an email from my friend Walker to gently remind me that he is still holding a Waterman Street School brick for me.  He has been holding it since July - If I was him I would make sure I got the brick by throwing it through my window.

Anna got her hair done and afterwards, I met her at the car dealership and while her car was being serviced we went to a barbecue restaurant in Woodstock.  The restaurant is where Beelte BBQ was,  now it is owned by someone else.  There are still artifacts from the prevevious owner in the parking lot, for instance a VW Beetle.    We noticed on the door a sign hanging saying "CLOSED.  PLEASE COME AGAIN."  But another neon light said they were open.   We were about to back out and leave but to make sure which sign was tellilng the truth I got out and tried the door and it opened.  A waitress came out from the back room.  They were opened.

It was about 12:30 noon and we were the only customers there.  Maybe other people went by saw the hanging the closed sign and kept on going.

The Brunswick stew was good and the pulled pork was a little dry but after adding North Carolina sweet barbecue sauce with a splash of South Carolina lowland mustard base spicier sauce it became moist and tasty.

While we were eating another customer came in and ordered a Cuban sandwich, which looked good.

We picked up the car and went to Krogers to our weekly grocery shopping.

We delivered my mother-in-law her groceries.  The smoke alarm was beeping an she said she felt dizzy.  We thought that the beeps could be carbon monoxide warnings.  We called 911.  We explained what it could be but didn't know for sure.  The 911 operator told us to get out of the house and wait for the firemen.  We went out on the porch - or at least Anna and Marie did - I hung around looking out the window to see the firetruck arrive with its siren hollering.  Why don't I always bring my camera?

Four blue uniform firemen came.  They did various tests and determined there was no carbon monxide leaks, beside the alarm that was beeping was a smoke warning, not a carbon monixide detector.  It was making a chirping sound.  The firemen said when it chirped it was just saying it was low on batteries.  Whle they were there replaced the batteries in both smoke detectors.

One of the men had a blood pressure machine and checked Marie vitals.  It was off some.  They said they could call an ambulance or we could take her to the ER if she agreed to go.   She did not want to go.  She said she was feeling better.  They didn't insist.

As far as Marie being dizzy, we decided she went about 7 hours without eating and needed carbs, after all she is 92, and fragile.

The crew of firemen were very professional, polite, serious, and courteous.  When my mother was alive and very weak and at times we needed the firemen to help her get downstairs or up stairs they had the same professioal strandards as these men.  It must come with the job.

After they left, one of us asked, "I wonder if they do light bulbs?"

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