Monday, October 29, 2012


I know, I know, that is not how you spell it.   It is Circus Olay.

Seriously folks, yesterday we went to see Cirque Du Soleil, the TOTEM presentation at Atlantic Station in Atlanta yesterday.

They put on quiet a show doing various juggling and acrobatic feats to the beat of fast music with a plenty of loud drum music.  While sitting in our seats I overheard two couples that are friends with each other talk about the other Cirque Du Soleils they have been to and the ones they knew about.  They have several in Las Vegas, Disney World, New York City and whatever else they said blended in.

They have many acts that blend from one to the other.  One act I was impressed with was 6 or 8 Asian females on high unicycles doing the darnest things with little metalic bowls.  Each had a stack and with their feet they would lob them to the another female's head, or "ring a head" so to speak.  It amazed me of their precise synchronization and not even looking at each other, now that is teamwork. 

There were no lions, tigers, elephants or any other kinds of animals, as you might expect a circus to have.  It was a series of scenes with a similar them:  Mankind.  First the creation and evolution of life and on to the diversity of it all.  And all of it to a fast musical beat.

Photograpy wasn't allowed.  These pictures I took as we walked outside of the tent.

Background:  14th and 15 Streets Area

Background:  Atantic Station; what used to be Atlantic Steel

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