Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Asheville Trip, the pixtures

Hopefully you read the details in a previous post on this blog.  If not, if you see something of interest maybe you can go back and see if it was mentioned or not.

                    The Green River Bar-be-Que in Saluda, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

French Broad Chocolates

Scattered pictures taken in Asheville:

The two above pictures are of a side of a building downtown that was built by Edwin Grove, the same person that built the Grove Park Inn.  See the distorted faces on the building?  It is that way on every level, any place you look.  According to two different tour guides a man owed Edwin Grove some money.  He told the man that if he didn't pay havehe was going to put little faces all over the building that would look like him.  The man paid Grove and the check bounced.  The distorted faces resembling the man went up and are still there.

Below:  The Basilica of Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church.  The building was built by Rafael Guastavino, a Spanish architect and builder.  He died in 1908, shortly after the church building was finished.  His last wish was that he be intombed in the cathedral and it was granted.  As our tourguide said, "His body and soul went into building this church.

Luella's Bar B Que

As I mentioned in the previous blog before this building was Luella's BBQ it was the original A & W Rootbeer Drive-Inn.  If I had know that before I took the below pictures I would have tried to accentuate the shape of the building more.  But, as you can see by the first picture the long cement walk where cars would drive up to be car-hopped.

The Oyster House Brewing Company

The Invisible Man was here and naturally was overlooked for a while.  It was the first time a host volunterily explained why he overlooked the invisible party.

The Tupelo Honey Cafe
Great Breakfast! (after about a 30 minute wait)

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