Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food Trucks Come to Marietta

Yesterday was the first day of the Food Truck dining.

Thanks to Christine Jenkins for giving us a heads up.

It was to start at 5pm and end at 9.  We arrived at 4:50 (of course) and was the only potential customers there.  There were the trucks lined up on two streets, forming an "L".

The trucks were at The Meeting Park, which used to be the Clay Homes and was bulldozed away to make room for a plush apartment buildings and office space.  As far I could tell only two buildings have been built and they have only one tenant, a policeman.

I lived in the Clay Homes the first six years of my life. I spit nails everytime I see the huge vacant lot it is now.

We talked to the young man who arranged the food trucks to come.  He told us the trucks will be there only on Monday nights.  Since many local restaurants are closed on Monday nights, it will not be in competition with them.  Everybody wins.

That is, everybody wins if people come and buy food on Monday night.  At 5pm probably about 5 or 6 curious people are looking around.

We bought from an Italian meatball truck.  I got some kind of hoagie with sausages and peppers.  Anna got a meatball sub.

Before we left morepeople came and were looking at the menus on the side of the trucks.   I hope it works.

Also, from the vacant lot that used to be the Clay Homes you have a good view of the new Courhouse.

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