Monday, October 08, 2012

A Visit to Decatur, Ga., on a Saturday Night

Our son Adam's friend Savvy had a photography exhibit at Worthmore Jewelry Store  this past Saturday night.  We went to see her stuff.  She is very good.

While in a new place I have heard about but haven't been to but a couple of times I had to roam around and take a few pictures.  The store is only one block from the Dekalb County Courthouse and two blocks from the famous Eddie's Attic music hall.

I was somewhat amazed at Decatur's night life.  There were many lounges, restaurants, and good time places.  I don't think the area we were in is no bigger than downtown Marietta, but for some reason exceeds Marietta's night life.  Oh well.  That makes it a nice place to visit.

After we left there we walked around the corner to the 246 Restaurant.  What we had to eat and the outside dining enviroment are picutred below.   The food was tasty but if you are trying to limit your fat intake don't order the pork shoulder roast and if you are hoping for real spicy meatballs in the spicy meatballs bring your own bottle of hot sauce.

Our last stop before getting into the car and driving back to Marietta was a yogurt shop.  It is that kind of yogurt is treated like  a ice cream shop.  The only difference it is self serving.  You pick from the many different flavors and toppings, put it on a scale in front of the cashier and the cashier weighs it and charge by the ounce.  It has been over a year since I been to one of these and forgot what the process is.  After I made my own little yogurt sundae  I carried it up to the cashier behind the cash register and held it up at a tilt so she could see what it was.  She looked puzzled at what I was doing, and said, "er-I approve!"

The above video appears to be  a nervous man's quick look at everything around him.  I see now that I hurried too quickly over Savvy's photos.

Decatur City Hall

Eddie's Attic

Dekalb County Courthouse

Worthmore Jewelers

Fellow artist Ronald Nuse talking to Savvy

Savvy's Book


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