Friday, October 12, 2012

The Invisable Man Strikes McDonald's!

I was on my way to an appliance store to buy a water filter for the refrigerator when I saw my hands were dirty.  Opps!

I hate to walk into a store with dirty hands.  It is like I don't know any better.  I decided to go into a McDoanld's I was getting close to, go into the restroom, wash my hands, then buy something.  I decided the cheapest thing to buy would be senior cup of coffee.

After leavin the restroom with clean hands I walked up to the counter  and asked the young lady for a cup of senior coffee, black.  She rung it up on the cash register and said, "57 cents please."

I handed her a dollar and she put it into the cash register and took my change out.  Before she had a chance to give me  the 42 cents an older lady rushed up to the counter and asked the young lady waiting on me if she could get smebody to help her get "all that into her car."  Then the young lady handed her my 42 cents and walked away with her, to help her I suppose.  And left me standing there without my coffee or my change.

After another young lady another waited on her customers she asked me what I was waiting for.  I told her about the mixup.  Before she had a chance to straighten it out the first young lady came back and I told her what she did and she said, "I did?"

Yep, you did, join the club.



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