Monday, July 02, 2012

Tommy Died 24 Years Ago, Today

I took this picture of  my brother-in-law Tommy Prance at his daughter Belinda's wedding reception in 1979.  Other than the suit he is wearing I think this picture typified Tommy's energetic jovial attitude.  I think the girl is probably Belinda's friend.

On July 2, 1988, Tommy and some friends were spending some time at their deer camp at Lake Juliette, Georgia,  Tommy helped build the lake for Georgia Power.  A friend was rowing a boat and Tommy was swimming aongside him.  They were talking.  His friend asked him something that required a response but no response came.  Tommy was not there.  They looked for the body for a long time but did not find it.  His body surfaced in October 1989, a year and five months later.  He probably had a heart attack.

Just down the road from Lake Julliette is the restaurant that they filmed "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES".

That summer several deaths occurred of people I knew, or knew of, and my kin.  Eleven days later my father died.  Before these two deaths on my mother's birthday June 6, a wife of a co-worker of mine who was deaf, had a wreck at Bells Ferry Road and North Cobb Parkway (the 4-Lane) and his three children were killed.  On the way back from my mother's birthday dinner the police directed us around the wreck.  It was a sad summer.

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