Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Keyboard Is Mightier Than The Sword

This is a new experiment for me. I am posting from my i-pad. I know, I know, people do it all the time. Well, they had to do it the first time also. Speaking of other people and tech-o advancements it is sort of expected for people to be on top of the latest gadget. I think that is why you see people all the time doing something to their smart-phones - I think most of the time  they are in a learning mode because they just purchased the latest improved one. It will take them about two weeks to learn that one and maybe in four or five weeks they will have to buy another latest that has more options.

The other week we were haggling with Lowe's about coming to repair something and before they would continue to connect us to the department we needed to talk to they insisted on having our cell phone numbers. I told them the numbers but told the person I was talking to for him to put a notation that we never turn them on unless we go somewhere. Yesterday we missed an important call from Lowe's because we didn't go anywhere. They only tried our cell phones. AARRGGggggg.

Speaking of modern gizmos that it  is expected for people to have is a fax machine. At least twice, maybe thee times, in the past months someone has asked me to fax them something or visa-versa. Their jaws drop (yet the frozen smile stays) when I say we don't have a fax machine.

Which reminds me, a few years ago was a special on TV of barbecue joints in and around Atlanta. We love to try out bbq dives whenever we can, so we taped the program on our VCR. My neighbor, 87 year old Jim, told me several times he loved good bbq, so I thought I would be neighborly if I lent him our tape. I carried the VCR tape over for him to borrow - he didn't ask for it, I thought I would suprise him. I rung his doorbell, he came to the door and I told him what it was and reached to give it to him. He didn't take it, but said, "We don't have a VCR". My jaws dropped but I kept smiling.

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