Friday, July 20, 2012

Old Fashion Baptisms in Marietta Long Ago

There was a pond off Bells Ferry Road on Old Bells Road that was used for Baptisms for nearby Shady Groves Baptist Church.  The terrain of land looked something like the pictre.  It might be it.  The picture was said to be Baptisms in Marietta, it just didn't point out where.

Which reminds me of a picture I recently saw on the Internet of a young lady, who had just been Baptised, walking out of a pond in a wet white dress.  Evidently she didn't think to wear under garments.  It was like she was the winner of a wet-t-shirt contest.

On a side note, one time I went to a wedding of my friend Tony at the house on Old Bells Ferry Road that was beside the Baptism Pond.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the wet tee shirt..I bet that was the reason the screen was in front of the indoor baptismal pool at Shady Grove.

6:08 AM  

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