Thursday, July 19, 2012

The D.J. Moon Family

I am scanning some pictures of the Moon family for a relative.  The Moons are on Anna's mother's side of the family.  Here is Darling J. Moon and his family.  His wife is Lena, the boy's name is Toy and the girl's name is Virginia.  I should say "was" they  all died of old age and related illnesses.

Darling and Lena had a store on Roswell Street, about where Johnson Tire Company was before they built the brick lococation next door. 

They lived in back of the store.  They were closed on Sundays.  But people knowing they lived in back of the store didn't hesitate to knock on the door and come  in to do shopping.  To get a day off they took all day trips on Sunday.  Once they even drove to Tybee Island and back the same day.

Toy went to North Georgia Military College in Dahlonega.  He spent his last years as a carrier and time keeper at the Marietta Main Post Office.  Toy's sister Virginia married and moved to Washington, DC.  I haven't seen a picture yet that she wasn't dressed in height of fashion for the time period.

Toy was born in 1917 which would probably mean this picture was taken in either 1919 or 1920.

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