Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This Day in History, March 6th

Born mar 6,
1906 Lou Costello Paterson NJ, comedian/actor (Abbott & Costello) You may remember the “Who’s on First” skit. As a youngster I mostly enjoyed them with they would meet a super monster such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, or the Invisible Man.

1945 Rob Reiner Bronx NY, actor/director (All in the Family, Stand By Me). Aka Meathead.


1836 Davy Crockett US pioneer (Alamo), killed in battle at 49

1982 Ayn Rand author-philosopher (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged), dies in New York at 77

1810 Illinois passes 1st state vaccination legislation in US. I wonder if the Illinois Legislators were called communists or socialists back then? Watching out for people’s health – how UnAmerican!

1816 Jews are expelled from Free city of Lubeck Germany – what was free about it?

1831 Edgar Allen Poe removed from West Point military academy. I would that Edgar Allen Poe would be the last person to be expected to fit into West Point’s Military Academy’s box.

1836 3,000 Mexicans beat 182 Texans at the Alamo, after 13 day fight. Technically I think some of those 182 Texans were not Texans; I’m sure Davy Crockett was one of those 182 and he was a Tennessean.

1857 Dred Scott Decision: Supreme Court rules slaves cannot be citizens. I bet Native Americans were not allowed to be citizens either.



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