Saturday, March 03, 2012

Brenda Joyce Moon Summers (1940-2012).

Anna’s second cousin, Brenda Joyce Moon Summers died Wednesday evening, February 29th. She died on Leap Day.

I have known Brenda either since grammar school or early high school. Through the years I have seen her at family functions and funerals. After a few, I said once, “We have to stop meeting like this.” She laughted in a surprised way and we have been swapping that little wit bit back and forth for years now. But, not anymore.

Brenda was a gentle, kind, and warm person. She was a family person all the way. Her family came first to her.

She has had bad luck losing the people she loved. She lost her 6 month old daughter Kristi in 1970 and more recently her grandson Luke, parents Toy and Lois, and brother and sister-in-law Doug and Mary. Her whole family had to endure one tragedy after another.

I hope that now she had found the ones she lost.

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