Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Good Eatery at Kennestone-Wellstar Hospital

The other day I had a sausage and biscuit at Whitcher Street Café. I think the sign said “Whitcher Street Grill”. Anyway, it was a big biscuit with a big sausage patty for a decent price and good too.

A year or so ago we had lunch there. I think we had something like tuna or chicken salad sandwich, which I remember was very big serving. Another time there I forgot what I ordered but I remember it was a generous helping. And not only a lot, everything I have eaten there was delilcious.

The address is 55 Whitcher Street*. Some may recognize the address as being part of the Kennestone-Wellstar Hospital complex. It is a small luncheon like place in the corridor connecting the Whitcher Street medical buildings.

As the lady waited on me asking me what I wanted on it and so looked a lot like her sister who owns the Deli Delite on Whitlock Avnue.

She told me the price and held out her hand I said, “Aren’t you the sister of the lady that owns Deli Delites?” I already knwew she was, her sister told me. She pleasantly said she was. I complemented her sister and she thanked me.

As I walked away a regular customer behind me said, “Your sister owns a restaurant? – where at?”

*55 Whicher Street is about where my late friend Bubba Johnson, as a teenager, lived with his family.



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