Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jim Dandy To The Rescue!

I read in the obituaries that an ex-neighbor had died. He lived with his parents across the street from our family when I was a teenager.

I don’t remember much about this guy. I think he was self-employed getting into one business adventure after the next. They all blended in. Then, his age was probably near 30, give or take.

What amused me more was he was a law and order man and was always trying to give the police a helping hand. Really! He had a large antenna on the back of his car which I suppose to listen in on police radio chatter and when he heard of potential trouble off he went to give them back up.

I wonder if he had a bullet in his gun?

I don’t know if he was deputized or just a wannabe cop, but many times at night while we were cruising we saw his vehicle speeding down the road to get someplace urgently. He was a volunteer vigilante that was hyper and nervous. I think he could have been dangerous like some are today.

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