Sunday, March 04, 2012


Much to my surpise there is no reason to climb the above steps. You can't open the doors. They are locked shut. When I was a student here when it was Marietta High School these stairs led to the administration office and the offics of the principal and assistant principal, which I was called to visit often. Now, this is no longer MHS, it is something like Marietta Junior High or Marietta Middle School. AARRRGGG!!! Who likes changes?

Above, Birney Memorial for the Founder of the PTA Alice Birney. I understand that each state sent a square of marble to represent their state. I want to make a memorial while remodeling my bathroom, I wonder if each state will send me some tile?

By walking around looking at other grown-ups coming and going I finally figured out this is now the official main entrance. I walked in and there was a counter and a lady that reminded me somewhat of Gloria in MODERN FAMILY, with an accent asked, “What can I do for you Cuteness?”

Maybe she meant Cuteless or something.



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