Sunday, March 11, 2012

Georgia Symphony Orchestra Concert @ KSU

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Last night we went to the Bailey Performing Arts Center at Kennesaw State University to a concert by the Georgia Symphony Orchestra (GSO), formally known as Cobb County Symphony Orchestra.

Of course we were one of the first there. We had to hang out in the lobby until they opened the doors. While we waited there was a quartet of violists playing. The good part of being early to a general seating performance is you get to pick your own seat. The bad part is you have to put up with inconsiderate late comers stepping all over you.

The GSO Board President spoke first about how the orchestra had been in existence for 61 year doing creative and exciting things. He then said financially they were not doing so hot. He urged us to pay our admission again as we leave as a donation. That couldn’t possibly be for us retired government employees!

The first part was a concerto by Johannes Brahms with pianist Martina Filjak as the solo pianist. As she hit the keys she gave the sensation she and the piano were electrified as one – accentuating her key notes as her hand bounced high. Both her music and visual effect were quiet a performance.

After intermission, Michael Alexander directed Belshazzar’s Feast by William Walton, which was very jubilating including the GSO Chorus . William Walton was only 29 when he wrote it. If I understood correctly, it is based on the Biblical city of Babylon. Jesse Blumberg, baritone, sung solo. The GSO Chorus were there being directed by Bryan Black. The chorus was three stair-step levels behind the orchestra. The male performing musicians all wore tuxedoes with the women in formal attire. The Chorus members all had black books opened in front of them while they sang. One guy had a peach color tablet in front of him that he was rubbing. He wore dark glasses. I think he was blind with a Braille songbook! Neat!

When we left we were one of the first ones out. That’s us! However, one of the performers with his tux on and musical instrument in a case passed us getting out. I guess he had things to do.

It was an enjoyable evening.

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