Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Do I Think I Am? Part 98

Parts of an email received from a distant relative in Texas and the last paragraph by me:

“Michael James “Mike” Smith b.1858 AL married 1rst Ida Virginia Moreman Jan 10, 1880 in Collin County Texas. After they married they went back to Mississippi where some of his family were. They had 2 sons John Franklin and Jesse James.

He brought Ida and the boys back to Collin County, Tx on the train left them with her family and returned to MS to bring household good and farm equip back to TX. They never heard from HIM AGAIN. HE NEVER RETURNED so they didn’t know if he had been killed or just run off.
After we started our research we found his brother Felix Smith’s Granddaughter in Newton County MS.
She told us the Mike’s brother Felix said that Mike and his younger brother Oliver had gotten into trouble by lynching a black man. They came to the Felix’s house to fill their guns and they told him they would never be caught alive and they were leaving and he never heard from them again. When we called his Granddaughter she vividly recalled this story and knew who our MIKE was… After 10 yrs of searching we found Mike Smith in the Indian Territory in OK in 1900. He had met up with the Gadberry’s and the Trammell’s in TX.

He married the 17 yrs old daughter of Jacob Van Buren Trammell and Cynthia Addington and her name was Idella Olive Trammell. We found their marriage license in Denton County TX.”

Then I put in my 2₵:
Idella Olive Trammell (1871-1930)’s, parents, as mentioned above were Jacob Vanburen “Van” Trammell and Cynthia Ann “Tennie” Addington. Van’s parents were Jacob B. and Polly Hogshead Trammell, my g-g-g-g grandparents. That makes Idella Olive Trammell Smith my first cousin, 3 times removed and her husband Michael James “Mike” Smith my cousin-in-law.



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