Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Thoughts on Today; FAT TUESDAY

First of all, HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!!

Some of us non-Catholics may not know what Fat Tuesday is. If I understand it correctly, before you know what Fat Tuesday is, you need to know what Ash Wednesday is. Ash Wednesday is when good Catholics go to their church and the priest puts an ash cross on their foreheads to signify that they are now in the annual Lent period.

If I understand Lent correctly, it is a time to give up something you like a whole lots. If you like chocolate candy bars with nuts in them, during the Lent period you give it up. If you love beer, then you give up beer. I’m sure people are expected to give up than beer and candy bars.

Back to Fat Tuesday. Today is also the day for Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans and other places. I suppose that is like the day it is on, Fat Tuesday – it is getting a good fill of what you crave most the day before you go into the Lent period. That makes sense why men hold up signs during the Madi Gras festival saying “Show me your tits!”

President Obama has recently been at odds with the Catholic Church. Now, is his chance to do damage control repair. He could take his presidential limousine to New Orleans today and cruise around with his hands holding a sign outside the dark-glass window saying, “SHOW ME YOUR TITS!”

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