Saturday, February 18, 2012


House Bill 981: Georgians would be allowed to carry concealed weapons in bars, public schools, most government buildings, college campuses and other locations under a sweeping gun bill filed in the House. –

You know, they have a point. What if it is hunting season and you are sitting in a waiting room of a public place like at the hospital or outside the principal’s office to talk about your child and suddenly a 10 point buck is galloping down the hall (it happens, I saw it on American's Funnyest Videos)?

Or maybe you are visiting a mental hospital and suddenly an inmate pulls out a gun? Remember, they will have the right to have a concealed weapon too. With this new law, you can pull out your gun too out and defend yourself!

Also, under this bill it would be illegal to disarm anyone during a states of emergency. That means if a group of anarchists broke into the capital and held a gun to the head of every elected official there and threaten them if their terms were not met, I think that would qualify as a State of Emergency, it would be illegal to disarm them.

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