Sunday, February 26, 2012

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! John Severin (1921-2012)

John Severin died Febuary 12th, exactly two weeks ago. John was one of the original five founding creators of MAD Comicbook and was the first to leave MAD I personally thlink that John complemented MAD - he was very good with accentuated body language, check the Tarzan story below (MAD #6). John was also considered an expert on military uniforms of any time period and was also excellent drawing ethnic features on the people he created on his drawing board. As far as I know, he spent his last professional years at CRACKED humour magazine, but did also contributed to other magazines.

The D-DAY story was in TWO-FISTED Comic #27.

He was a good artist. The only thing I know about his personal life was that comicbook coloror specialist Marie Severin was his sister, she also worked for EC Comics - the last I heard she worked for MARVEL.

Two samples of John Severin's EC comic art:

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