Thursday, February 16, 2012

If This Wall Could Talk

A month or so ago I decided I wanted a picture of this wall. I thought if it was sun shining in the morning the wall would be too dark in its own shadow however, if I took the picture in the afternoon the sun would be too harsh. The best solution would be to take the picture on a cloudy day. Now, all I had to do was to be on that side of town on a cloudy day, which finally worked out.

This wall holds many memories. This stone wall was the western border of the Marietta High School Football Stadium for generations. There have been people slipping in the football game over these walls (with pulling and pushing help); people falling off this wall; people slipping over this wall to skip a class; and more Iā€™m sure. If this wall could talk.

Once I remember during a football game with Roswell in 1960 two Roswell boys dared anyone to come down and fight them and we all up on the stands jeered them and dared them to come up ā€“ with all the jeering and aging on one of us lost his balance and fell on the ground right in front of the Roswell thugs. I honestly do not remember what the outcome was, but I think it was probably a happy ending.

If this wall could talk ā€“ but wait! What if it could talk but it only spoke the Cherokee language? Or for reason some strange reason it spoke only Latin? Or even worse, proper English ā€“ then we would never understand what it is telling us.



Blogger Sushiboofay said...

A very nice shot in its simplicity!

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