Monday, February 27, 2012


WARNING! Many people are going to the movie theater with the intention of seeing the popular movie WARHORSE and by misleading advertising are getting into the theater that is showing WARWHORES.

WARHORSE is a wholesome war movie about killing and a horse. WARWHORES is a movie about two funny reckless American prostitutes. The movie starts out in Tijuana, Mexico, where the two prostitutes interact with a horse on stage. They witness a gangster/drug related killing and have to flee because a cartel is after them.

Then to add interest to the movie they jump onto the wrong truck and is dumped on a plane and then dumped again in the middle of a desert in the Middle East. Through a chain of bumbling errors they unintentionally become American spies. They literally pump information out of high ranking military officers and then, being the whores they are, sell the information to the U.S. government.

They bungle things up much like Lucile Ball and her friend Ethel did on the I LOVE LUCY Show. There are rumors floating around saying it may win some Oscars.

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