Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Heart, My Valentine to All

My Heart Before

My Heart After

Speaking of hearts, here is my real heart. Really! It is the before and after pictures of my heart when they put a stent in. That was a few days short of ten years ago.

Ten years ago we celebrated Valentines Day by having dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Other than the steak I was fond of their onion loaf that was oozing in grease. The next morning while running my arm and jaw started hurting. I quit running and walked home. The next day we were doing household chores, which included bending over the clothes dryer. When I bent over and straighten back out I noted that something was wrong. We decided to go to the ER at Kennestone Hosptial. The staff checked me over and told me I had a heart- attack. I told them they were mistaken. My only reasoning was that “I don’t have heart-attacks”. They looked at my heart on a monitor hooked through a tube going in my thigh and sure enough, they were right, it was a heart attack.

The next day or so they took me to Piedmont Hospital and put some stents in.

And I am still here typing. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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