Sunday, November 28, 2010

Same Old Story, Different Props

This past Thursday we had Thanksgiving here with our immediate family. Yesterday, Saturday, we had our extended family over for Thanksgiving, Phase II, of 20 people.

By Saturday everybody is up to here in turkey (look at me – I am holding my hand flat even with my neck). We decided to get a spiral-cut ham and old fashion Original recipe KFC.

Friday night we called KFC and placed the order. We wanted a certain number of breasts; a certain number of thighs; and certain number of drumsticks, which added up to 20 pieces. We wanted to pick it up at 11:00am Saturday.

The manager said no problem. He mentioned he also had another customer who placed a big order would be picking up their order at the same time.

I smelled a mix-up in the orders in the works.

The next morning, I arrived at KFC at 11:58am and went in. A lady was at the counter being waited on. She was shelling out money to the lady at the cash register. Behind the cashier was 2 or 3 KFC buckets and 2 or 3 KFC boxes. Over to the side, about three feet away was two KFC buckets. The two is probably my order I thought.

The cashier asked if she needed paper plates and plastic ware. The customer said, “No, I work at Hobby Lobby.”

The cashier gave the customer ahead of me change and their transaction was over. She hollered a name of a young man to help the lady carry it all to her car.

The young man brought up a cart on wheels and loaded the buckets and boxes onto it.

The cashier asked me could she help me. I told her my name and I was to pick-up 20 pieces of chicken, Original. She smiled and said yes, she had my order ready. Then she started adding it up on the cash register.

While she was focusing on her cash register the young man loading the chicken onto the cart with wheels saw the two buckets of chicken and asked, “Do these go too?”

“Yes, everything goes”. She said, still focusing on the cash register.

Alarm bells went off in my head. I thought she should have looked. But, who am I do tell the lady proud of her efficiently, how to do her job?

The young man put the two buckets on the cart and followed the customer out the door.

I paid the cashier. She gave me the correct change and pivoted around to hand me my order she had very efficiently had packed beforehand. It wasn’t there. She said, “Where is the two buckets?? I put them right there myself!!!” She was upset.

I pointed out the door and said, “Out there. He asked do these go too and you said, ‘yes everything’”.

She shot out the door in almost one leap. They had to put all the buckets back onto the cart and roll it back into the store and go through each one to get the right buckets.

She apologized. I told her that was OK, it happens to me all the time.

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Anonymous Skip H. said...

Eddie, hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!
I have been trained by too many order mix ups to check before I leave the parking lot. I kind of expect it to be wrong, and then when all is correct, I feel like shouting, Woo Hoo !

5:23 AM  
Blogger Bhob said...

Haha. I love mix-up tales! And you could see what was going to happen.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Skip & Bhob, Now you see them and now you don't. I always leave a wake of administration errors behid me.

2:07 PM  

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