Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday we went to CVS to buy a certain item that was advertised on sale, limited 3 per customer.

Anna bought 3 and I bought 3. The cashier, with a German accent, could not believe what we were trying to pull off.

She said in so many words we were disobeying the rules. Well, we were each a customer. Limit 3 to a customer - yep! That is exactly what we were doing.

She compared our cash register tickets and said the cards we swiped and more or less said, “Ahah! You have the same swipe-card identification number!” She looked smug. She had us dead to rights. I was wondering if she was going to call 911.

A German accent can sound so strict. It is an accent that you are either right or wrong. It is a “You will respect authority!” kind of accent.

She said she was going to let us go this time. Then, as a topper, she gave us a frosty “HAVE A NICE DAY!” as we left.

I told Anna we should go to Eddie’s Trick Shop that sells stage makeup & masks and buy two false handle-bar mustaches, put them on and go back to CVS and attempt to buy six more of the on-sale item and watch the lady do a hissy-fit.

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Blogger kenju said...

That's exactly what you ought to do!! Show her a thing or two.

7:12 AM  
Blogger El Postino said...

Eddie, like in this economy any store would limit someone from buying a product! The comment about the German lady who busted you reminded me of a story. I don't want to dump on Germans, but when I was in the Army, stationed in Germany, one night my buddies and I had been on pass and were going back to the barracks on a trolley car. At midnight, no matter where the trolley was everyone got kicked off and the trolley went to the trolley barn. I remember the conductor hollering, "Raus mit du! Raus, raus!" at us American boys confused by being thrown off the trolley in the middle of an industrial area at midnight.

6:06 PM  

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