Friday, November 26, 2010

Lassiter High Band in the Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving day we had the TV on the MACY’S THANKSGIVING PARADE while we were preparing our holiday meal.

I heard Marietta’s Lassiter High School Band being announced. I have good memories of Lassiter High School Band. It was like seeing an old friend on TV.

I’m sure there is not one face associated with the band now that was there then, but their spirit is still a force. They still look powerful because I noticed they still have the big impressive tractor-trailer with their logo on it to haul their equipment in when they go somewhere. Also they have sharp uniforms and they know how to make good music.

Our oldest son Rocky was in the Sprayberry High School Band. The high school bands of this area had competition meets often. You gotta love them trophies! I got used to seeing the Lassiter Band Teacher and some of his star players. The band teachers knew how to put on a good show. The Sprayberry Band was also considered a good band with its share of trophies. Rocky got to march in the Rose Bowl one year. That was almost 20 years ago.

On TV in the Thanksgiving Parade the Lassiter Band members looked just as sharp as they did then. They hopped to, snapped to, and made their rigid training look like the award was “fun”.

As the crow flies Lassiter High School is probably just slightly over a mile from our home. In the mornings when I am on my daily walk, around 6:15, lately, through the woods I have been hearing Lassiter Band practicing. Anna said she heard them in the late evening practicing also.

There was a goal behind all their hard work: to razzle-dazzle the parade’s onlookers.

I think it may have worked.

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