Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back at the High

Above: a visual art by the collaboration of artist Salvador Dali & photographer Phillippe Halsman. The name of it is VOLUPTATE MORS 1951. We bought a post card version at the High. Study the skull on the right. How many naked women do you count?

We visited the High Museum again yesterday. We went to see our friend Savvy's photo that was selected to be shown at the High Museum along with other art done by Kennesaw University art students.

Let me explain a couple of things in the video:

The opening scene is outside the High in their courtyard area. I noticed one young man trying standing on his head with a photographer on the ground to get an angle shot. It looked interesting so I whipped out my Flip camera. And being the mature 69 year old adult that I am I tried to not label the plumber's cleavage, but failed.

Incidentally, at that point we were standing at the end of a very long line. After a few minutes we figured out as members we had rights these commoners didn't have. There was another line, that was no line that said, "Members Only" which we quickly turned up our noses and went to the line that was no line.

The first art scene is Savvy's. It is a photograph of young people on a carnival ride. I doubt if I did it justice. Notice the balance, the thrilled facial expressions, and the blurness to show motion. Excellent Savvy!

The other shots are also art done by students at Kennesaw University, all good.

The final scene is all the participants gathered to hear the winners' names announced. Or at least I think that was what it was about. I didn't here a word said. As you can tell I am facinated by that multi-level room.

We also visited my old friend Nellie Mae Rowe's art and others, which I might or might not produce a video from.

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