Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday we went to an arts and craft show in Marietta’s Cherokee Heights.

We saw our friend Rachel Frey working a booth . She had a sweets booth amd we have a sweet tooth. She and her friend were selling and handing out chocolate fudge samples in various make-ups. The samples were delicious. We also bought a little box of fudge.

A few years ago at the Marietta Tour of Homes, aka, Marietta Pilgrimage, the Trammell House on Trammell Street was listed for the tour. I couldn’t wait. I read all about its original owner, Leander Newton Trammell. He was a state representative and also president of the state owned railway system. He is a cousin.

I think the Trammell House was one of our first stops. There were notices that no photography would be allowed in the homes. Of course, with me being a cousin to the original owner, I didn’t think that applied to me. I clicked away.

A slim dark headed lady with a big 35mm with a super looking lens, who was also taking pictures said, “You are not allowed to take pictures here.”

I more or less said it was OK, I was related to the original owner. Then she more or less told me it wasn’t OK, because she was the present owner.

Her name was Rachel. We talked and became friends.

Click on any of the cards below to make it larger and readable:

She told me they did some very detailed work to make it look the time period that Leander N. Trammell knew it as. It was a job but it was probably easier for her husband Doug who is an architect and knows the history and styles of grand house details. As a matter of fact, Doug is publishing a book soon about the some of the grand and classic houses of Marietta and their eccentricities.

I think, Rachel and my daughter-in-law Sabrina have some things in common:

They are both hard working trying to get their sweet shop off the ground. And they have both played big parts in movies.

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