Sunday, November 21, 2010

Enon Cemetery in Woodstockl, Ga Tour

Yesterday I took a guided tour of Enon Cemetery in Woodstock. I thought it would be interesting and I was right. Anna and I both have a number of relatives buried there.

The docent was Cherokee Tribune columnist Juanita Hughes. Mrs. Hughes did an excellent job. She has a southern accent and southern charm to boot. I think she was on pins and needles, it was her first tour. She spoke with enthusiasm and apparently well-researched the cemetery.

She had some interesting stories about some of the residents, some sad and some academia.

Her daughter handed out hand-outs showing a drawling of Enon Church built on the edge of the back of the cemetery property, or the way the roads went in 1871, the front of the cemetery.

Juanita mentioned she moved to Woodstock in 1965. In was sort of an introduction to a little amusing story. In 1965 there was only one subdivision in town. The native Woodstockons did not refer to the new subdivision by its real name but just by “the subdivision” and others would know exactly where they were referring to. It also gets back to my theory that you just about have to be on the outside looking in or new in an area to fully appreciate the locals and their systems.

I think she is a volunteer at the Woodstock History Museum which used to be Dean’s Drug Store. She said she has access to the medical records kept in the store. I’ll like to drop by and see if I can find out any more about William and Emaline Ray Hunter, and their children.

I read or heard the cemetery tourists were limited to about 15 people. I didn’t count them but I think they were nearer to 25. Three of my relatives came, father, mother, and son of the Poor family. The father and son are descended from Arminda Hunter Poor. She was married to Lewis Poor and their graves are at the end of the video. Arminda is the daughter of my great grandfather William A. Trammell/Hunter.

A Chicken-fat reader was there also. Not only is he a Chicken-fat reader, he had, I feel, developed into a friend. I don’t dare call him a chicken-fat groupie or fan. He reads Chicken-fat because of the local tainting I do.
Also, I heard one young lady mentioned her last name is Peed. I jumped right in the middle of her conversation (I hate me when I do that) and asked her if she is any related to an ex-coworker of mine with the same last name. Yep, that is her uncle. Small world. OK, go back to your conversation.

A couple things to look for in the video: Just to make it a little more interesting: There are two markers in the same clip that their names kind of relate or complement each other. And the other is a marker bordered by what looks to be holly berries. What is the first name on the marker?

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