Saturday, November 06, 2010

CHICKEN-FAT Settlement Reached

Chicken-Fat announced a compromise was reached between management and labor in their latest disruption of service. Labor will return to the workroom floor.

Chicken-Fat’s owner and publisher Edwin Tyson Hunter, Jr, “Eddie”, red faced (to match his nose) said angrily, “Just who the hell does he think he is? Just walking out like that?” Edwin went on to say, "I would kick his ass but I think it would hurt me more than it would him."

The editor and laborer Rock Hunter retorted, “I’m me! That’s who! And I can only do so much!”

Edwin “Eddie” said with a sneer, “How could you be me? I am me!”

After much bickering, whining , and name-calling and trying to decide who was the better person they wore themselves out.

They finally agreed on terms. The terms are simple. Forget this business of churning out at least an article, or post, a day. It will not be a sin to skip a day, more than one day, or even a week if he wants….maybe more! And also now there is a clause allowing bathroom breaks.

The bottom line is If you, the reader, see there is no blog post for the day, Rock either decided to take the day off or he is taking a long bathroom break, which is in the contract.



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