Saturday, November 29, 2008

All Roads Lead From The Big Chicken

“You know where The Big Chicken is?” I have heard and used that question many times before directions in Marietta. Everybody in Marietta knows where The Big Chicken is. No one can miss it. It is high (56’), brightly color, and gaudy. Also The Big Chicken is at the intersection of two of the busiest traffic roads in Marietta, Roswell Street and Cobb Parkway (aka the 4-Lane).

From the Big Chicken to get to:

Lost Mountain Store. Turn out of the south parking lot going west. Drive across the 4-Lane, and stay on Roswell road through the downtown Square area – after that it becomes Whitlock Avenue. Cross the tracks and continue driving west. On the left you will see the new Marietta High School, then on the right you will see Kennesaw Memorial Cemetery – keep going several miles and it will on the right.

Kennesaw Mountain. Turn right on the 4-Lane going north. Two or three miles up turn left onto White Circle. It will come out on the Old 41 Highway, just across from the field of the mountain. Turn right and turn left onto Sylesboro Road.

Atlanta. Turn right on the northbound 4-Lane and proceed to so up a small hill then down a hill which at this point you will be going by White Water Amusement Park, and Richard Street will be on the left. The 4-Lane north will start and uphill climb. At the top of the hill turn right and follow the I-75-South signs until you are on the I-75 South. Just keep on driving…. Sorry, I don’t have the “All Roads Lead To The Big Chicken” to guide you back.

Blairsville. Again, get on the North 4-Lane and follow the I-75 signs, but this time the I-75 N. Get onto the I-75 N go four or five miles until you come to the exit for the I-575. Turn northbound on it and just stay on it. It changes names and numbers several times, but it is same road all the way to Blairsville.

Dobbins Air Force Base. Turn left (south) onto the 4-Lane and head south. You will go buy many car dealers and used car lots. The base will be on your right. After the base was a very famous adult entertainment night club. I don’t know if it is hot as it used to be, or they just found the right people to be friendly to.

Franklin, North Carolina. Again, follow the directions to the I-75 South. Get on it and proceed to the 285 East to Greenville, SC. Turn on it and stay until you get to I-85, then exit on it, Northbound and stay on it until you get to I-985 to Gainesville, Georgia. Turn on the I-985 and it will turn into the Hwy 23. Stay on it until it stops at Hwy 441, Turn left (North) and it will take you to Franklin.

Roswell. Turn left onto Roswell Road and drive straight Roswell, about ten miles away.

South Troy, Chicago: Turn north from the Big Chicken parking lot and you are on Cobb Parkway, also known as the 41 Highway. Go north until you enter the Chicago city limits. Take the 79th street exit, turn left to go over the expressway, and continue east several blocks until you come to Troy Street. Turn left.

Empire State Building,New York City: Essentially follow the same directions as to Franklin to get onto the I-85. Stay on I-85 to Virginia then skip to various highways until you find the right one. Work your way north through New Jersey and to through the Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson River. On 42nd Street go several blocks down to Fifth Avenue and turn right and drive down to 33rd Street – or look for the tallest building around. If you get lost just ask any New Yorker – they love to give directions.

The water tank on top of Blackjack Mountain. Turn right onto north 4-Lane. Turn right at the first traffic light to get onto Gresham Road. Cross over the I-75 and turn left on Wallace Road. You will see some roadside shrine crosses as you pass Tip-Top Poultry. Go down the hill and cross over Marietta Parkway. Stay on Wallace Road until you come to the stop sign. Turn right onto Barnes Mill Road and drive up the mountain.

If you go in the daytime you may see goats and sheep alongside the road. If you go at night you will see beautiful Marietta Lights.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

How about from Exmore, VA?

We have a big chicken at a little shop up the road that has no relationship to chickens at all. Do not know what they make, even.

Scientific American has an article about the dangers of being around chicken trucks. They cover you and your car with all sorts of disease yuck. Does the big chicken do the same?

5:03 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I would think so - it is a KFC store.

5:09 AM  

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