Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Twiddle Dum Saga continues – part III.

Remember, the last episode of Twiddle Dum it appears he had separated with his older brother, Twiddle Dee and was living with a male redheaded middle aged fast food server.

And since he was no longer under the critical and demanding eyes of Twiddle Dee he quit dressing so military and dressed in his true nature, a big slob. His attire now is pants hanging on him and a maroon tee-shirt with several food stains on it. I don’t think he had changed since the last time I saw him. His hair is also inconsistent messed up with no rhyme or reason.

Today on the way home from the funeral home after paying my respects to my neighbor’s family (his sister died), I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items – today is Wednesday, which means 5% Senior Discount Day, and they used to have bingo on Wednesday mornings for Senior Citizens, but evidently that fell through.

As I was looking for a cashier with not many people waiting, or little in their grocery carts I saw Twiddle Dum doing the same… he was dragging, leaning over his cart, depending on it to carry the bulk of his weight. He looked partly in a sleepy trance.

This time, the middle aged red-headed fast food server was not with him like last time. Did they part company?

Out of curiosity I asked the cashier that waited on me about Twiddle Dee. She said he turned 21 on January the 1st, and he now he can legally buy cigarettes. She said she used to see him and his brother all dressed like militants but now his brother doesn’t come there anymore. Yeah, yeah, I knew that.

I think it was sometime in December when I saw him last, before he was 21. I wonder, if he let the middle age male fast food server live with him because he could buy him smokes? Now that he is 21, he has no need for the fast food server, so kicked him out?

To make things even more interesting, when I left the grocery store and was about a half mile down the main road, I saw the middle-age red head fast food server walking by himself on the sidewalk.

I think there is a kind of story they do movies about with those boys.

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