Sunday, February 12, 2006

Glover Machine Works

Glover Machine Works has been in Marietta for over a hundred years. They have manufactured several things, mostly war related things.

They also produced over 100 locomotive engines from the Civil War up to the 1940s. the locomotive is a Glover Machine Works product.

My grandfather, Frank Hunter, was a machinist for Glover, and my father worked there as his first paying job as a machinist apprentice. We lived only about three blocks away. On Sundays some of my friends and I would slip thought a thick-vine wooded area, climb over the back brick fence at Glover Machine Works and play on the very engine that is pictured above. Then it was a rusty red-brown color.

The Glover family just about owned Marietta at one time. One of the Glovers that owned a large plantation just outside of town and was the mayor for several terms. His mansion in recent years was a restaurant that was called “The 1848 House” and has been featured on the Food Network. It has been haunted since the Civil War. A man was killed there and his spirit still likes to hang around and aggravate guests and staff, so I heard. I have been there several times and have not seen any ghosts, but I did see a bullet hole the staff like to point out.

Now the aged mansion is a club house for a new upscale townhouse subdivision that was built on its property.

When my father was a young man the house was believed to be haunted then also. He was challenged to spend the night in the attic alone. It was a bet, so he took his friends up on it. In the attic, during the night, just as he was about to drop off to sleep someone or something tugged at his hair. He ran out. He lost his bet. The next day they went back to look to see what it could possibly be and where he sat was very near some cobwebs.


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Maybe a spider walked over his head. I'd run too!

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