Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I think I read someplace that Super Bowl Sunday is the 2nd most eating spreads of the year. It even beats Christmas.

I wonder why it would it would beat Christmas as far as festivities go. Maybe it is because Christmas is for families and Super Bowls are for parties and families. So, since not everybody has a family to visit on Christmas, it is almost hard to not be invited to a Super Bowl party. But in that case, why doesn't it beat out Thanksgiving as well?

My oldest son is giving a Super Bowl party. The youngest son is invited to a Super Bowl party.

Which reminds me, about a year ago, a lady, who was a neighbor in my childhood died. Sunday evening, (Super Bowl Sunday) I went to the funeral home to pay my respects. She was a big active church member of a Baptist Church here and had about a dozen kids (two of them died before she did). Only about four of her children were at the funeral home to accept visitors. What visitors? I was the only one that showed up. The other siblings and the Baptist Church members of her church were attending a Super Bowl party.

Us? We are nerds when it comes to football. The only reason I would watch it was to hope for another wardrobe malfunction of another female rock star.

Surprisingly, we are not the only ones who could cares less about the Super Bowl. This is an very informal survey but go to the video rental stores tonight like Blockbuster. The shelves will be cleaned out. Why? Well, I think people that do not care for the Super Bowl would channel surf and find repeats or things not so fun to look at – because the TV viewers market knows most of the eyes will be on the Super Bowl, so the other networks do not want to waste money on the programming tonight. And by a chain reaction, Blockbuster and Hollywood video will end up with empty shelves tonight.

I wouldn’t mind seeing all the commercials on the big game tonight. All the innovative type of commercials make their début.

Also, I think the restaurants will have plenty of room tonight…. Not much waiting and they will be glad to see what few customers that show up. We plan to take advantage of that.

Well, anyway, Happy Super Bowl and I hope your favorite team wins.

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