Sunday, February 26, 2006

4 Generations

This picture of the four generations of Hunters is not that interesting on face, and it looks like maybe the person operating the camera might have jiggled or something, it looks slightly blur.

The old man on the left, my great grandfather, fought in the Civil War, afterwards was involved with his uncle in killing a man over a horse, and changed his name from Trammell to Hunter.

The man holding the baby boy was my uncle. He owned a barbershop and Marietta's first airfield. He had a Piper Cub type of aircraft. He took me flying when I was a young boy several times. Then he had a wreck, which almost crippled him and he sold out his airfield, which became a drive-in movie, but now is a shopping center. He took up fishing instead.

His son, my first cousin, that he is holding, fought in World II, just to give you an idea how old this picture is. He has been dead at least 15 years. He and I have clashed before, he was too demanding on what he wanted when he asked for some prints of copies of old pictures.

The man on the right is my great grandfather. He was my buddy. He taught me to ride my bike and once saved my life when I backed up to the fireplace too close (coal burning) and a cinder popped out and my clothes caught on fire. He threw me down and rolled me. My legs were covered in blisters for a few days. I don't think it ever occurred to my parents to take me to the doctor.

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