Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brandi Revisited

Today my friend John that I grew up with was up from Florida. He retired in Panama City Beach several years ago, but still has family and connections here and shows up fairly often. When he comes he calls me and we usually get together for at least a few hours.

John wanted to know how I found out so much about my family history and I told him to meet me at the library this morning I would show him the basics of research. We met at 9a.m. I showed him where the county history books were and the census microfilms, then we started talking about old times, and sitting in the middle of a research area carrying on a normal tone of conversation I thought we might be making a nuisance of ourselves, so maybe we should move on to my house to show him how to do genealogy on the Internet.

When we left the library it was lunch time. I suggested we go somewhere to grab lunch. "Where do you want to eat?" We both asked.
"It doesn't matter with me, just wherever you want to will be fine with me." We both answered.

I carefully suggested Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs. I was careful because ever since I have known John, which is about 60 years, John has had a skittish sensitive stomach. I think I have a calloused that shields the inside of my stomach - the hotter and spicier, the better. John said he was game. So, we went to Brandi's.

The hotdog chili was just as spicy as ever and the onion rings, once you bit through the deep friend batter and pulled out a hot scalding naked onion ring - well, it is always an experience.

I noticed tears were coming out of John's eyes and his nose was running. That spicy chili was loosening up his sinuses.

In the corner of Brandi's is an old Coke big red box that you get your own drinks out of. I picked out what I always drink in the way of soft drinks, Diet Coke. John picked out a Red Rock Ginger Ale. He marveled at the brown glass bottle, it hasn't changed since he drunk it as a kid. He told me he didn't know Red Rock was still in business.

Brandi overheard him and came over and told us that she did buy her Red Rock bottled drinks for the restaurant at Publix, but she said she found out they had a bottling company in Atlanta, so now the company delivers them.

As usual Brandi had on a low cut blouse, exposing a good percentage of her boobs. I think each laugh and each sentence she spoke each boob would bob separately. A good deal of her advertising budget probably goes to Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood.

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