Sunday, February 26, 2006

Barbecue Crow, Alabama Style

Williamson Brothers Barbecue is a place near downtown Marietta. They reek of Republicanism. They have signed frame pictures on their walls of all the local Republicans such as Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Johnny Isascon, and so on. But they didn’t stop there, they also have at least two signed pictures of George and Laurel with framed letters from George thanking them for helping out in a crisis. I know of two instants they were in D.C. handing out free barbecue; when Newt was first speaker of the house and when the Pentagon was hit. They supplied free barbecue to the workers repairing the Pentagon – the latter they deserve praise.

After you are in their restaurant about five minutes you know they are staunch Republicans.

However, they do have good barbecue, so we eat there fairly often. I would say, they cook their barbecue by Alabama traditions, because that is where they are from.

Today we ate there. Anna had barbecue pork pulled and I had barbecue beef, sliced. Near us was a man in his early sixties who seemed high strung. He was a braggart and a loud mouth, he wanted everybody around him to know his opinions, which I could tell, he was telling his opinions as they were facts. He is just as arrogant as many other Republicans I thought. The more I listened, he was telling the woman he was with that he went to Georgia Tech but chose to drop out his senior year and go to the Vietnam War. He went into the Navy. Then after doing his part he came back to Tech, finished up.

Surely that wasn’t his wife he was telling all that to. He must be on a blind date.

A man and woman next to him and the his date (whatever) stood up to leave. He made some comment about how rotten George Bush is and the man I was listening to joined in and agreed with him. He said George will go down in history as being the worse president this country has ever had, if we can survive the rest of his term. The more he talked, the louder he got.

Well now, what about that, I misjudged the guy. He saw me nodding in agreement with what he was saying and as he and his blind date was leaving, he stopped by our table and went on and on about what a mistake he made when he voted for George W. Bush.

Wait! I wasn’t wrong! I cast him into a Bush voter and he was. He just isn’t anymore. So, maybe I was wrong too. He said he was never going to vote for anybody who was a Democrat or a Republican again, he was going to vote for people running on a Independent ticket.

I told him I always voted for the man, not the party. He said he voted for Bush, but wish they would impeach him now.

I wanted to ask him did he want some Williamson Brothers Special Barbecue Sauce with that crow he was eating, but didn’t.

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Blogger kenju said...

I am so proud to be able to say I never voted for him.

9:55 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Well, he gets my vote for being the Worse President Ever category.

3:33 AM  

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