Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Compromising With The Delivery Service

Last weekend after extensive comparing shopping we bought a Nordic Track Treadmill, which I already mentioned in a previous post. The first sentence was kind of a catch-up or quick review, sort of like what they do in soap operas. Like, "The time I was married to Rachel, but left her and our children, when I realized she was also my mother."

So, yesterday the delivery man called and left a message saying he would deliver it Friday morning. He sounded very old and sick. The treadmill weights up in the hundreds of pounds. How is he going to deliver it all?

He left his number so I called him back wanting to know if we could pick another time besides Friday morning, because my wife Anna takes off every Friday, and that morning is the time we attend our Weight Watchers meeting.

I could hear his lungs wheeze in and out as he was thinking. He said no, he had his route all mapped out and and it had to be that day and time. I suppose, since the delivery service holds the product, and he is his only employee in his own delivery service, he can pretty much tell you when he is going to deliver it and compromise isn't part of the service.

And being that he is old and wheezes and had to get up oxygen to speak every word he can even have his way more.

So, Friday morning it is.

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Blogger kenju said...

Let's hope he has some young and virile helpers lined up!

1:14 PM  

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