Friday, February 24, 2006

If I Ever Win the Lottery

I was wondering what if I won the Lottery. Just what if. Hmmmm.

Our house is paid for, so I can’t pay off what is already paid off. But my two sons owe money for their houses, so that would be the first thing we would do.

Anna could sing “take this job and shove it!”

And, maybe the third thing we would do would be to get us a nicer house out in the woods someplace. And maybe a cabin in the north Georgia mountains.

And that is about it for now.

Then put the rest up for a rainy day.

That sounds nice and moderate but who am I fooling? Once I get a taste of a big supply of $$$$ I would demand more and more things, and be as greedy and materialistic as the next person.

The more you get, the more you want.

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