Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why Chicken-Fat is Chicken-Fat

People often asked me why did I name my blog Chicken-fat.
It is to show my appreciation of original MAD Comicbook artist Will Elder (1921-2008).  Will was known for putting tiny little funny things in his MAD stories, that  usually had nothing to do with the main story  and sometimes these tiny little side jokes with two or three panels was a tiny little story itself.
Will called these tiny little side jokes "Chicken-fat" because "it is part of the soup that is bad for you, yet gives the soup its delicious flavor."

Here are a few samples ripped from some ancient MAD comic books (before it became a magazine):

Notice on the second page above the middle strip, a pick pocket at work in both panels.

Remember click on to see the cleverly inserted details.

Oh Well, You get the idea.

I think I got the "bad for you" down pat, but still working on the delicious flavor part.


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