Thursday, November 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Hunter Band of Brothers in Uniform

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Throwback Thursday: Veterans' Day was almost a week ago.  Maybe I can squeeze in one more Veterans' picture.
This is the Marietta Georgia National Guard unit that my Daddy was in.  It was taken in 1936 at Camp Foster, Florida.  Also some of Daddy's brothers, maybe most, were in the same unit.
Hand printed on the bottom of the picture is:
Co. M, 122nd Inf, Ga. National Guard at Camp Foster, Fl., Aug 9th to 22nd 1936.
I recognize Daddy (Edwin Tyson "Ed" Hunter, Sr.) being the 2nd man from the left on the 2nd row. 
Also I recognize his brother (John) Stanley Hunter in the front center row with a dark shirt.  Stanley turned 16 years of age just about a month and  a half before the picture was taken.

Speaking of Stanley, here is a family story handed down:  Once their brother Jack Hunter was sitting at the table eating breakfast.  Stanley crawled up near him, reached and grabbed a bacon strip off his plate and started crawling quickly away.  Jack threw his fork at him  and it struck and stuck in his butt.  Years later a military physician examining Stanley, asked what was that scar from, a snake bite?


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