Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Good Dive Into Hisotry


Yesterday, because of a doctor's appointment, Willow and I did not make it to the dog park until about 2pm, which is about 5 hours after the time we normally go.  There were only two dogs and one master.  In the mornings there are usually five or more humans.  I have been there several times at about the 2 to 3 pm range and always the man that was there yesterday, along with his two dogs have always been there sitting alone.
I thought he probably likes the solitude; a time each day he has set aside to be alone to think about things.  So, I have always gave him a polite wave and let him be.
But today was different.  Willow took a dump close to his area, and while picking it up, I spoke verbally to him.  He looks to be a kindly easy going wise gent, about my age.
One thing or witty comment led to another and before long we knew each other loves history and family genealogy.
Then we pulled each other into our ancestors' historical claims to fame.  I told him about Job Tyson getting caught vandalizing the British troops during the Revolutionary War and was to hang and General Cornwallis pardoned him which then was a fate worse than death, being pardon by the head enemy.  Also his daughter Winston Tyson was a teacher on General Nathan Greene's plantation at Cumberland Island and possibly helped Eli Whitney inventing the Cotton Gin; and my great great grandfather was a soldier on the infamous Trail of Tears.  Years sater, he lived at Cape Giraldo, Mo, Paragould, Ark, and Franklin, NC.... all points on the Trail of Tears... and more.
And he had some good stories too.   One was the Battle of Little Big Horn where his relative along with everybody was killed except his horse.  He told me the name of the surviving horse but I didn't retain it.  The horse is now stuffed and in a museum he said.

It was a nice conversation between strangers.

General Nathan Greene


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