Saturday, November 19, 2016


True Story:  About a month ago we bought a new 2017 Ford Escape CRV, silver color.  It replaced a 2008 Honda CRV, gray color. 
Last Friday, November the 16th, I met my sisters Frances and Bonnie at Olive Garden for Frances' birthday lunch.  Instead of my truck I decided to drive the Ford Escape. 
I drove into the Olive Garden Parking lot, hung my ball cap on the gear shift, like I always do and went inside to the lobby where they were waiting.
After it was over we went our separate ways.  I unlocked the vehicle  with the FOB and  got into the CRV and reached for my cap.  It wasn't there.
"Darn!"  I thought.  somebody stole my hat.  How did they get in?  I thought to myself.
I started to start the engine and the starter was not where it should be.  I looked on the dash it did not say Ford Escape.  I looked over to the next car and it was a Ford Escape.



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