Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Hole in the Wall in Blairsville

The Hole In The Wall restaurant I read after our visit it is rated one of the top restaurants in north Georgia.  It is on the old Courthouse Square west side in Blairsville facing the Union County Museum, which was the courthouse.
One time when we were in Blairsville we stayed at the motel directly across the street on the east side.  Late at night we went to the Hole In The Wall.  It was the only restaurant opened except McDonald's.
We walked in the restaurant. It had some little corny country signs hanging here and there;  few pictures of the countryside, and maybe a few antiques.  It was very unpretentiously.    It was almost empty of customers.  One table or booth had a middle age couple sitting eating with a tall talkative man standing near talking to them.
By the scattering conversations they were having I figured the couple lives in Florida and they also owned a cabin nearby. 
The man standing was the owner.  He talked and talked of the stories of the people in those hills.  I think he is also not a native, so he saw things like an outsider would.  He picked out profound and interesting things about the townspeople to talk about.  I think because there were not many people in the room, the acoustics were good, as far as eavesdropping on the conversation.  

We ordered something small, like a late night snack, from the small little waitress. 

I sat spellbound and listened to him spin one local story after another.


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