Saturday, December 19, 2015

These Butts Are Made For Walking

Out and about for the past several days I couldn't help but noticing that for women boots are the fashion.  At one place I mentally started counting the women wearing boots and lost count. 

Which brings up my memory of Leiters Department Store in the 1950s.  Leiters was located in downtown Marietta at East Park Square and Lawrence Street.  It has since been bulldozed and replaced by a shiny county building.  It was owned and operated
by the Leiter family.  It seems the matriarch, Mrs. Leiter had a hands- on with every operation of the store, sales, merchandising, and inventory.  She knew where everything was at in the huge store. 

I think Mrs. Leiter had ties with the Old Country because  She had an accent.  She pronounced boots BUTTS.  When my irresponsible out-for-a-goodtime adolescent friends picked up on her pronunciation of boots they often went into the store, as a group, and one was supposedly in market for boots.  And she would tell them what kind of BUTTS she had  and where each pair was located in the store.  In her recital of what kind of BUTTS and where in the store I bet she said BUTTS  almost 30 times.   

Her recitals would have my friends shaking, biting their tongues, and grabbing their crotch to keep from  pissing on themselves giggling.

Our  formative years when we were growing into maturity. 



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