Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I finished reading the book SWEETWATER BLUES by Raymond L. Atkins.   

Two high school graduates went out drinking on their high school graduation night.  They had a wreck and the one that wasn't driving was killed.  The other one, the driver, was tried and convicted of Involuntarily Manslaughter and was sentenced to prison for a number of years.  

About 85% of the book takes place in prison, his cellmate best friend, one wild man who was out to kill him, and regular day to day prison life.  We have saw all the episodes of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, so we are pretty much up to date on prisons life style... and we concur, the book is true to life.

  This is the 4th book I read by Raymond L. Atkins.  They all take place in northwest Georgia near the Alabama and Tennessee state lines.   It is a good book.  The poor kid had to grow up too quickly.  By the way, I looked Raymond L. Atkins up on Wikipedia and he gave credit to Professor Kent Anderson, who  inspired him to write..... is this the same Kent Anderson I went through high school with?  

I also was in high school with Kent's late brother Tommy.  Tommy and I were natural enemies, we never could get along until the night we found ourselves in the same group stealing watermelons. 


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