Thursday, December 24, 2015

Company Christmas Dinner at Longhorns

We had lunch at Longhorns yesterday.  We sat in a booth.  In the center of the room was several tables pushed together making a long table  in the center that almost ran the length of the big room.   I counted 11 people on our side, so I think that and equal amount was on the opposite side, which would be 22 people.  There were 4 girls and the rest were men.   I overheard some of them ordering and they were ordering the most expensive things on the menu, like lobster and steak, etc.  They were having their company Christmas Dinner.  We asked them what company were they with and it was a heating and air conditioning company.  

I bet next year their company Christmas Dinner will be at the Varsity.  You can slide tables together there too.

What is interesting was to listen to some of their stories.  One guy told of one of his customers he serviced went to great lengths  to get out of paying him six dollars.  Others had stories to top that one.

It made me think of  the heating and air conditioning company that serves us.  It is a mom and pop family owned outfit.  I think the whole staff is Mom the bookkeeper, Paw, the  supervisor, and the two sons doing the grunt work.  They come twice a year to inspect things  and quickly if anything  goes wrong.

I wonder if they sat around their dinner table and talk about us  like the ones above did today?


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