Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Invisible Man Tangles with the Invisible i-Cloud

Actually I am not sure I was tangling with an invisible i-cloud or a dark i-cloud.
About a week ago we visited an Apple Store and we each bought a new iphone 6s.
First we had  i-phones 4.  I  was always taking pictures with my i-phone 4 .  They were so handy and they automatically loaded themselves onto my i-pad.   It is nicer to view your pictures on the larger screen of the i-pad rather than the tiny screen of an i-phone. 
After I got the i-phone 6, the pictures quit being automatically  loaded to the i-pad. 
I couldn't have that.  I tried calling the Apple help desk twice and they had me run various tests and they could not understand why it wasn't working.
We went back to the Apple Store and I signed up for some time with what they call a Genius.  I think they have several Apple experts that have the title Geniuses.  They are so technical gurus you have to get an appointment with one.  The Genius  checked out my new phone and said nothing was wrong with it.  I also brought my mini-ipad.  He checked it out and said nothing was wrong with that either.
He thought it over, drummed his fingers, and  ran a few tests and concluded that it was the i-cloud.  Ever since I called the Apple help number and did what they told me to do it has been in the state of downloading, or uploading (I forgot which) 163 pictures  for three days.  He said  the i-cloud thinks one thing and trying to do something else.
I thought the i-cloud data was going around and around and tied itself in a knot.
He lined up for another expert to call me at home at a certain time.  She did.  She suggested we wipe out everything and start over, but we were unsure if we wanted to do that.  And she was worried afraid of deleting some important stuff.  I said there is nothing that important on it.  Pictures come and go.

We had an appointment and had to go.  We arranged with her for another Apple expert to call us back at a certain time.  Which another lady did.  We followed her directions and it worked!  Or, as far as we know it worked.  We will see in time, after getting help from six Apple experts.   None had  come across my  i-gadgets' problems and could not figure out how to fix something they couldn't see.... the problem, like the i-cloud was invisible....  which is fitting.  


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