Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tellers in a Monitor

Today we dealt with a teller at a bank.  We haven't been in a bank in a while and I found the way banks are now interesting.  You stand in front of a monitor and when the teller is ready for you, he appears.  I have seen tellers in monitors in the drive-through and a couple of times inside, but not often enough that it is a common every day thing.  When the teller, a young neat man, appeared he was most polite.  I noticed he might have used hand gestures and facial expressions more, since he was being viewed on a monitor and wanted to be sure he was understood.

Which I started thinking people cannot be all that smiling and over acting all the time.  It might get tiring and the teller might get irritable at his audience.  And being tired and irritable the teller might want to make some sort of statement..  Like the above: 


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